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Canine Osteosarcoma leading to amputation

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January 22nd, 2018 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

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Ugh….It’s been a rough day. We increased the Gabapentin and Tramadol but he seems stoned. We went out this morning. He gets around really well then he’ll just start crying. It breaks my heart. We went back inside and he pooped on the floor. Easy enough to clean up but it makes him upset to have accidents in the house. Then all day today, he just randomly cries and runs to be with me. He moves pretty fast. And that doesn’t seem to bother him. I’ve looked him over. His incision looks great. He doesn’t feel like he has a fever. He ate pretty well once I added some canned dog food. He devoured his dog ice cream. My husband thinks that maybe he’s scared. I really don’t know but it’s heartbreaking. And I just want to fix it.

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  • flemingo

    Hopefully some that have already been through this will comment (my gus goes in tomorrow morning for amp), but I wanted to let you know that even though it’s the middle of the night, you aren’t alone! I’m glad Sawyer is getting around okay and hope he’s resting well tonight. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Keep us posted.

  • paws120

    Waiting to hear what others say here but some of the drugs and even some post op drugs can make them a bit loopy and/or anxious. I have heard about one of those post op drugs making them anxious. It’s not the Gaba but I don’t remember if the Tramadol might be it. Hang tight.

  • Allison

    It was the Tramadol for us, made him crazy and very fearful and anxious. Tried to wean him off it quickly. Hang in there it gets better soon.

  • paws120

    I made a new post in the Forums for you. I think people will find it easier there and be able to help you out.

  • rikntracy

    Hi 🙂

    It could be some phantom limb/nerve pain. I believe 100% that Zato had that. He would just yelp out of the blue and run to me as if he needed protection! We increased his Gabapentin and it helped reduce the frequency of the yelping. Eventually, it stopped altogether.

    It’s early days yet. I was upset early in Zato’s recovery, too but he got better..back to normal in fact! We are 7 months post op and he’s doing great.

    I also think the Tramadol can make them loopy. I’d get with your vet about tweaking his meds.

    Hang in there…it’ll get better! And as hard as it is, just try to be as calm and confident as you can around him (which I know you are, but it’s hard when they’re in distress).

    We’re wishing you the best!

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  • cvb5

    I know you’re probably so stressed you don’t need another thing to do, but you will get LOTS of advice in the forums. Otis had a couple of rough days…but for him, having the anti inflammatory with his gabapentin and tramadol. We are thinking of you– it will get better!

  • benny55

    Okay, in yiur previous post you mentioned a couple of things that stood out. Just gonna recap some suggestions in my reply to that plst.

    **Did you put down non slip scatter rugs yet? Bery, very important for his safety AND his confidence.

    **Have you had a chance to “check” your emotional energy to make sure you convey confidence and stay upbeat.

    **In your earlier post you mentioned he yelped when he got up. Have you massaged him all over before getting up? All the shile check for any areas where he may tense up or show signs of sore muscles.

    **When he gets up, does he have a non slip area to stand on?

    **phantom limb pain is out of the blue. Usually wuick @oud yelps and the dog jumps up to .ove away from the pain. Lasts maybe ten to thirty seconds. Then dog may freeze for a minute or tremble, sczred to move. Then with reassurance and massaging, it stops as quickly as it came.

    **NOT A VET. NOT GIVING VET ADVICE. However, as already noted, many dogs react anxiously, whiny and restless with Tramadol. Ask your Vet about lowering that dose and see if it makes a difference. Or even eliminating it or replacing it.

    ** Noted Sawyer was on Gabapentin 3 X day and now that’s INCREASED, right?. What amount is he taking now and how often? Gabapentin can definitely make dogs lethargic SOMETIMES, ot always.

    **Can’t remember, is he on Rimadyl?

    **How is your husband’s “energy”? Okay, first of all I know he isnr seven months pregnant so you do get a bit of a pass for not feeling all WA HOO LET’S GO JOG!! 🙂 But if he displays a strong, confident attitude with Sawyer, let him be the one to take him outside, feed him, etc.


    Update us when you can. Have you noted any moments of a sparkle come back yet? A tail wag perhaps? Extra signs of perking up if you say “squirrel”?

    Lots of hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • jerry

    Sally covered much of what I was going to suggest but here’s a few more to consider:

    Gabapentin can make many dogs sleepy. Right now that’s a good thing, rest is medicinal. Here’s an article about the drug:

    Also, when he starts crying, what exactly is preceeded by that? Petting him? Feeding? Playing?

    Remember, dogs reflect our emotions, so the stronger the humans are, the more the dog will reflect that back. Oftentimes we see that a dog’s recovery correlates to how well emotionally-speaking that their human handles the recovery.

    Do let your vet know about the crying and if it continues and you feel it’s pain related, get him evaluated by a certified canine rehab therapist. The Tripawds Foundation may even pay for your first visit! See:

    Keep us posted OK? We are thinking of you and your sweet boy.

  • krun15

    I’m wondering if he is having issues with the Tramadol. My Pug Maggie was very agitated on even low doses of tram- once she didn’t sleep for 12 hours and acted like something was after her!
    I think you are 10 or 11 days in now, right? Maybe keeping the gaba to help with what may be phantom limb pain and decreasing the tram might help. Of course talk to your vet first.
    Another thought- how is Sawyer with wearing sweaters or jackets- is he OK with things around his chest? I ask because before Maggie’s amp she had a tumor removed from her side- she was very uncomfortable with the very long incision. She hated anything around her chest- so I think to her the incision felt like something wrapped around her. It could also be that when he gets up the incision pulls a bit.
    Hang in there- you did the right thing for your boy. Keep working with the vet on the meds, and remember to celebrate all the little victories along the way!
    Karen and the Spirit Pug Girls

  • smelliesmom

    My Smellie Ellie had an overly sedated reaction to tramadol, so we halfed her dose, and added gabapentin. This seems to have done the trick for her. She is much more alert, but still struggling with walking. I think she is just scared to fall and hurt the surgery area.

    Good luck on figuring out what meds Work best. I know I was totally freaked out when she was so zombied out that I thought she’d lost her Ellie-ness.

    I know dogs really pick up on your energy. After she pees in the house (on the pee pads where she is meant to lay currently), she seems so disappointed. I know it’s against the regular rules, but I give her praise for going to the bathroom. They are scared and confused. Any movement is a good movement. They need all the extra encouragement they can get right now. Ellie really lights up when I am at my best. I still have really hard moments, and for those I leave the room. I want her to know we are there for her physically and mentally!

    Best of luck!

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